Peter Sheppard

(MSc Water Resources, HND Ag Eng)

Peter has a significant track record of irrigation project development and project management throughout the SADC region. Peter has designed and implemented numerous large scale irrigation developments.  He has also successfully managed or overseen the majority of Imagen’s projects over the past 14 years.

Doug Lawrence

(MSc Remote Sensing, BSc Engineering (Agric))

Doug is an agricultural engineer with unique skills in remote sensing.  His main skills are image analysis, terrestrial and bathymetric surveys, hydrological modelling, water resource auditing, land cover analysis, carbon-based deforestation evaluation and land-cover change monitoring.

Alan Royston

(MSc GIS and Remote Sensing, BSc Agriculture)

 Alan is a GIS and remote sensing analyst specialising in digital terrain processing and the use of LiDAR and RADAR data. Satellite analysis, hydrological processing and catchment resource assessments as well as 3D modelling and cartographic expertise are his expertise.  He is abreast of current advances in remote sensing technology and makes the latest technological developments available to our clientele in southern Africa.


 Nicola Gripper

(BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology)

Runs the project management systems ensuring that all tasks are allocated and executed and milestones achieved.  Her IT background also ensures that Imagen’s vast spatial database is properly maintained.


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