Imagen Consulting Limited was formed in 2002 to establish the combined consultant engineering skills base of Peter Sheppard and Douglas Lawrence. Dr Alois Hungwe is an associate. Alan Royston joined Imagen in 2010 with Nicky Gripper joining in 2012.


The main activities of the company are related to the engineering components of development projects, primarily agricultural, and the associated surveys on water resources and soils mapping. Remote sensing and GIS technologies are applied extensively to a variety of remote projects which are devoid of any existing mapping data.


The strong engineering background of our team enables us to assess each project objectively and provide sound practical analysis and advice based on physical realities.


We have specialised in adapting rapidly evolving remote sensing technologies to provide accurate, high detail, timely and cost effective spatial data capture, customised to our clients’ specific needs.  Presentation and modelling is conducted within a GIS platform using a number of software packages, including ArcGIS, which enables transfer, exchange and analysis of data within a universal platform.


Our diversified field of projects include:


• Natural Resource assessments

• soil Surveys and mapping

• Deforestation monitoring and carbon stock assessments

• Agricultural development proposals

• Land planning

• Technical inputs for large scale bio-fuel project proposals

• Water use monitoring

• River catchment modelling

• River and dam water abstraction potential assessment

• Irrigation and bulk water transfer designs and energy requirements

• Reservoir storage and bulk water storage capacity measurement

• Urban development and water infrastructure mapping

• Crop monitoring

• Environmental impact assessments

• GIS analysis, cartographic mapping and training.

• National and regional agricultural, hydrological and infrastructure dataset construction.


The company, while innovative and progressive, strives to ensure accurate and sound engineering procedures especially where projects call for data capture using new and advanced technologies.  Imagen Consulting is a fully independent engineering and imagery consultancy and has undertaken projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea and Egypt.


Over the past 14 years Imagen has amassed a significant archive of satellite imagery, terrain models and surveyor general maps of the region. We have also generated a wide cover of cadastral ground control.  Having our own aircraft enables us to access remote areas with minimal logistical difficulty.


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